Frankie Dec 2012

Frankie - frisky, frantic and friendly.

Frankie Blue Eyes is our oldest dog at around 8 years of age (2012). He is a bundle of nervous energy who loves sleep, food and pats more than anything. 

J got Frankie from the SHCV Rescue Program, when he was around 15 months. He was born in Queensland and came through two homes before being surrendered to the Rescue Program. Poor Frankie was very over-weight and turned his nose up the dog food on offer for three days!! 

Frankie joined J's sled dog team with Ishka and has loved racing ever since. Despite not being the sharpest tool in the shed, Frankie works well in Lead, as well as Swing and Wheel. However, Frankie is getting older and suffers from a sore back, so 2013 may be time for him to retire.