About this site, and a little about me


Let me start by saying that I am not an expert on Siberian Huskies. I am a total newbie to this game. When J and I first met, I was pretty nervous on a couple of counts. A new relationship is always daunting, and this guy was so wrapped up in his dogs that it felt like I was getting into a new family. Four fur-kids! Plus, despite having owned and lived with dogs all my life, I had no experience with huskies or any Spitz breed. J is heavily involved in sled dog racing - another thing I knew nothing about - and the sled dog racing part of the Siberian Husky Club of Victoria

With some heavy encouragement from my housemate Ez, I took a deep breath and stepped off the cliff. And, as the existence of this blog suggests, I loved it. J and I make each other laugh, the dogs are gorgeous and the sled racing community is welcoming and interesting.

We moved in together in October 2012, after we found a great house with an appropriate yard and a sympathetic landlord. Suddenly, J and the dogs aren't just folks I visit at someone else's house on weekends, but are here with me in my space (or am I in theirs?) and we're all learning how to live together.

In April 2014, we celebrated our commitment to each other at the beautiful village of Dinner Plain in the Victorian High Country. Our family and friends helped us create a beautiful day with a meaningful ceremony and a great party. And of course, the dogs were a key part of the day. Ishka was our ring bearer (dogger?) and the three boys were part of the sixteen dog team that formed our "wedding car".

A few people have pointed out that there are more than sixteen feet in our house. To them I've pointed out that the tag line explains, that we're listening to the pitter patter of 16 little feet... or paws, to be more accurate. J has been a proud husky dad for many years, and I was happy to have furkids too. But then we got lucky. In March 2015 we heard the pitter patter of little human feet, welcoming our Wee Monster to the pack. Learning how to raise a mini musher is the exciting new phase of our journey.